Wednesday, 19 May / 2021

Growthland by NTT Disruption organizes the Young Lions’ Inspiration Day at DreamLab, in support of creative talent

Growthland -NTT Disruption’s marketing services for sustainable growth and sponsor of Cannes Young Lions Film Spain- hosted this years’ organizers and finalists at DreamLab Madrid. Guests lived a unique and experiential ‘Inspiration Day’, to motivate and help the finalists give their best at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

“Spanish creative talent is first-rate, and we are committed to support it and help it grow. This is why we decided to sponsor this years’ Young Lions Film; a firm commitment to consolidate Spanish creative talent internationally,” Fer Lázaro, CMO NTT Disruption and Head of Growthland.

Inspiration talks

Growthland welcomed the finalists of this years’ Young Lions categories: Media, Marketers, PR, Film and Digital, who will represent Spain at the Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity.

The event counted with Kika Samblás, Partner & Managing Director at SCOPEN; César Vacciano, President & CEO at SCOPEN; Simon Cook, Managing Director at Cannes Lions; Steve Latham, Heat of Talent & Training at Cannes Lions; Rogelio Chung, eCommerce Manager at LEGO Group and Young Lions Marketers 2019; and Fer Lázaro, CMO NTT Disruption & Head of Growthland.

Immersive experience at Cokoon

If the winners don’t go to Cannes, the beach comes to them

As this years’ Inspiration Day could not be held in Cannes, we decided to bring Cannes to DreamLab. Both organizers and finalists enjoyed an immersive experience that teleported them to Cannes Beach thanks to Cokoon by NTT Disruption.

Using Cokoon’s multi-sensory technologies, we projected a 360º video of the beach, accompanied by the surround sound of the sea waves, and the scent of the beach and coconut. Guests enjoyed this immersive and interactive experience while watching the video testimony of ICARO DORIA: Progress Through Inspiration.

Growthland, sponsor of this years’ Young Lions Film

“At Growthland we disrupt marketing for sustainable growth. Our goal is to put technology to the use of those who need to generate ideas, so they can unleash their creative potential,” explained Fer Lázaro, CMO of NTT Disruption & Head of Growthland. “It’s time to bet on disruptive tech solutions in marketing to improve our industry. With our Smart Scalable Content (SSC) and our Fourth Dimension Brand Experiences (4DBX) solutions, we combine creative talent with disruptive technology, for them to better develop their careers and find better tools to do their work,” he concluded.

From Growthland, we feel enormously proud of having sponsored

Young Lions Film 2021 to promote creative talent.

Best of luck to all the finalists that will represent Spain at the

Cannes Lions Festival of creativity!