jibo the social robot returns, with its brand new website
Thursday, 23 July / 2020
NTT Disruption has launched a new website to announce the return of the friendly social robot, jibo. The interactive and inviting website lays out in detail jibo’s new areas of focus: healthcare and education. From hospitals to homes, elementary school classrooms to universities, jibo will provide people around the world with much needed care, support, and companionship.
XILINX, NTT Disruption and Bigstream come together to provide big data hyperacceleration
Monday, 13 July / 2020
In the world, there is an increasing demand for data consumption and increased performance. Companies must evolve towards more agile and efficient approaches. This requires solutions that adapt to changing customer requirements and evolving technology. At the same time, there is an increased need for large-scale compute environments to consolidate workloads and applications that require exponential storage, compute capacity, throughput, and latency.
OnWave Summit: Captaining the talent with NTT Data
Tuesday, 30 June / 2020
Growthland, NTT Disruption’s media house and factory, and NTT Data, top global IT services provider, organized an outstanding business innovation summit with world-class speakers to look deeper into the future of work, leadership and talent. Under the title of 'Captaining the Talent', the event welcomed business leaders, innovators and speakers of such standing as Jo Malone, Sean Fitzpatrick, Adah Parris and Steve Cadigan, and was held in Lisbon, Portugal.
Welcome to the future of your brand with Growthland
Thursday, 25 June / 2020
Growthland, NTT Disruption’s media house and factory, has launched a new website to showcase its disruptive sci-fi assets, captivating stories and cutting-edge-tech media assets, driven by exponential technologies, accompanied by useful insights and white papers, in an interactive and aesthetic manner.
The awakening of the industries. An original series by Growthland.
Monday, 22 June / 2020
Growthland, NTT Disruption's media house and factory, mixing world-class creative talent with the latest disruptive digital technologies, has launched a series of captivating disruptive sci-fi stories about the future of the automotive, banking, telecommunication, healthcare and insurance industries. The production counts with exclusive interviews of NTT Data experts as well as extraordinary and captivating storytelling that focus on NTT Data's main digital focus areas and their application for accelerating digital.
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