Tuesday, 29 June / 2021
#NTT Disruption

NTT Disruption supports inclusivity and new opportunities in the tech industry

NTT Disruption participated in the allWomen’s Hiring Fair with the aim of contributing to achieve more diversity and inclusion in the tech industry. NTT Disruption participated along with companies such as Accenture, BBVA, Santander, PepsiCo, Glovo, GFT Group and Revolut. In the future, NTT Disruption will continue to participate in other initiatives to reinforce its commitment with a more diverse society and fair employability opportunities.

“NTT Disruption takes pride in being an equal opportunity workplace,” said Gemma Caballero, Head of HR at NTT Disruption.

During the Hiring Fair, NTT Disruption had a slot to present the company and invite the members of allWomen Tech to apply and join our group of disruptive crazy minds. The slot was presented by Gemma Caballero, Head of HR at NTT Disruption, followed by the thoughts of three extraordinary women who work in this disruptive company.

Press play to hear about their experience working in the tech industry:

Gemma Caballero, Head of HR NTT Disruption

Irene Díaz-Portales, Cloud Skills & AI Engineer at jibo

Verónica González, Computer Vision Developer at Cokoon

Daya Muñoz, Senior Art Director at Growthland

We all have strengths and weaknesses, but diversity and teamwork balance everything out. If you are looking for a job in a diverse environment, check out our job postings and send us your CV.