//NTT Disruption & Xilinx speed zero latency world for good
Friday, 1 May / 2020
#NTT Disruption

NTT Disruption & Xilinx speed zero latency world for good

Xilinx and NTT Disruption join forces to unleash the ambitious technological and digital transformation of the industry thanks to quantum computing, Xilinx first Adaptive Computer Acceleration Platform (ACAP) and top notch acceleration capabilities, being Banking and risk downsizing their first achievement.

Xilinx, the company enabling breakthroughs in data centre technology, thanks to it’s acceleration capabilities and devices, has joined forces with NTT Disruption, the disruptive company of NTT creating solutions stand on exponential technologies in the domains of Cognitive Social Agents, Liquid Platforms and Immersive Experiences.

Both companies will boost the FPGA-based acceleration market and ecosystem, as a response to the current brakes the industry is experiencing with technology limitations like computing capacity, speed or latency. Xilinx will make available it’s ‘next gen’ devices that will not only allow, but also speed a zero latency world for industries and businesses with user friendly development tools.

Good news for disruption thanks to this new friendship, where both groups are excited to empower this transition towards a more adaptable, efficient and intelligent world.


Finance & Fintech

Both companies have materialised their first achievement in the Banking sector, carrying out important trials in market risk, within Brussel’s legal and regulatory frame known as the FRTB, that establishes more strict and demanding computational requirements, that moves the banking sector into an ambitious technological transformation, that will be able to support the new and complex loads of this new legal frame. Using Xilinx FPGAs, both companies have demonstrated that the necessary risk calculations over complex instrument portfolios represent an increase of efficiency and readiness of operations.

NTT Disruption along with Xilinx is currently expanding into other industries and areas.


About Xilinx

Founded in 1984 and led by Victor Peng, the company designs and develops programmable devices and associated technologies including Integrated circuits (ICs) in the form programmable logic devices (PLDs), programmable System on Chips (SoCs) and three-dimensional ICs (3D ICs). Additionally, Xilinx has created the first Adaptive Compute AccelerationPlatform (ACAP), a highly integrated multi-core heterogeneous compute platform suited to accelerate a broad set of applications in the emerging era of big data and artificial intelligence.


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