Full Stack Engineer

Madrid, Spain

Full Stack Engineer

Madrid, Spain

Are you the Full Stack Talent with and appetite for hanging out with other brilliant & creative minds?

Is an innovative, vibrant environment and being amidst the smartest technical disruptors your cup of tea?

Moreover, would you like to see your value as an professional increase immensely?

Then, come on over and join us: We’re looking for you!

what we need:

Approx. 2-3 years of relevant experience.

Proficiency on dynamic languages (Python, JavaScript).

Experience on functional programming.

Experience on Agile methodologies.

Familiarity with web backend and frontend technologies.

What you’ll be doing: Design and implement software solutions to integrate and orchestrate IOT devices and internet services into a physical space and build interactive systems with them.

What you capable of: design and implement a platform for orchestrating IOT-like components and internet services, and subsequently the integration of components onto this platform.

What you’ll be excited about to learn more of: How to integrate multiple, very different types of devices, technologies and services. Using the best tools to solve the problems at hand. Designing and operating a fault-tolerant, geographically distributed system.

As a person: a hunger to learn; a curiosity and eagerness to develop as an individual and as a whole.

A good grasp of the English language is an asset.

our offer:

This workplace! Going to work will feel like coming home. As working with the brightest, the insatiable curious & the creative forward-thinkers, makes work fun.

It’s that simple a truth. And, if you’re a bit of a techie yourself, like we are, it can’t get any cooler than shaping and developing new disruptive technologies for a better society.

Salary? Yes, that too.

about us:

NTT Disruption is an Open Disruption Platform built to meet and embrace great new ideas to co-create, co-validate and co-accelerate through exponential technologies.

Launched in 2019 as a new business area of NTT Global, our goal is moving forward in technological disruption and create a real impact in certain industries and through that improve society as we know it.

we live for great ideas, and we’re dying to hear yours.

Also, we’re doubling up in size before the end of the year so many new and great opportunities will surface on our Career page. Keep it in check yet don’t hold back: reach out already!

At NTT Disruption we fully embrace differences. Differences gives us new insights, new learnings, inspiration and aspirations. Being different is enriching. Different views excites us. We offer a workplace where every individual can thrive. Going to work should feel like coming home. NTT Disruption is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace.

we want to learn about you: