Tuesday, 30 June / 2020

The awakening of the industries. An original series by Growthland.

Growthland, NTT Disruption's media house and factory, mixing world-class creative talent with the latest disruptive digital technologies, has launched a series of captivating disruptive sci-fi stories about the future of the automotive, banking, telecommunication, healthcare and insurance industries. The production counts with exclusive interviews of NTT Data experts as well as extraordinary and captivating storytelling that focus on NTT Data's main digital focus areas and their application for accelerating digital.

NTT Data, a top global IT services provider, wanted to communicate and generate awareness about its main digital focus areas and their application for accelerating digital. The result is a production series of five captivating science fiction stories produced by Growthland, NTT Disruption’s media house service, based on the most innovative technologies and crowd-talent creativity ecosystem.

The series shows technologies related to NTT Data’s product offering, merged with interviews with experts and fictional characters like Adam– an adult who suddenly wakes up in a new reality, with the necessary knowledge and skills to accelerate his company’s digital agenda. It offerssolid audiovisual story production and VFX by Growthland, with 3D scenarios that evoke and communicate the following environments and VR applications:

MOVE | The Awakening of the Automotive Industry

“Frank” receives a package in the middle of a car race and is taken on a virtual experience to discover the future of the automotive industry. Starring English actor Calvin Cornwall, ‘The Awakening of the Automotive Industry’ series includes exclusive interviews with Dr. Martin Hofmann, Executive Vice President of the Volkswagen Group and Group CIO at Volkswagen AG; and Jens-Uwe Holz, Head of Automotive and Manufacturing at NTT Data Deutschland.

Growthland produces four different types of pieces: fiction, commercial, documentary and conceptual. Take a look at the future of transport with MOVE, an ambitious series from NTT DATA produced by Growthland.

TRUST | The Awakening Of The Banking Industry

Meet ‘Ruth'(a fictional executive played by actress Jo Price) who is guided by Entity, her virtual assistant, through a cashless world where AI and the Internet of Things have redefined the retail experience. Her experience is augmented by interviews with real-life NTT DATA and industry experts like Todd McDonald, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder of R3, and Antonio García, Artificial Intelligence Assets Manager at NTT Data.

Take a look at the future of the Banking Industry with TRUST, an ambitious series from NTT DATA produced by Growthland.

SHARE | The Awakening Of The Telecommunication Industry

Featuring Richard Sumitro, ‘Simon’ is a fictional executive who glimpses the future of telecommunications. With the help of his virtual assistant, Entity, he explores data storage, cloud and visualization, privacy and security, and insights with experts of such standing as Derek McManus, COO Telefonica UK and Alastair Masson, Head of Telco Media at NTT Data.

Take a look at the future of the Telco Industry with SHARE, an ambitious series from NTT DATA produced by Growthland.

CARE | The Awakening Of The Insurance Industry

Interpreted by Russel Wilcox, ‘Jacob’ wakes up to the truth about the insurance industry. He discovers important topics such as virtual assistants and smart contracts. The episode closes with the talks from Mitch Wein, Senior Vice President, Research and Consulting of Novarica, and Scott McConnell, Divisional President of North American Insurance Business of NTT Data.

Take a look at the future of the Insurance Industry with CARE, an ambitious series from NTT DATA produced by Growthland.

LIFE | The Awakening Of The Healthcare Industry

‘Karen’, played by Ana Adams, is led by Entity, her virtual assistant, to a world where healthcare is about monitoring and preventing disease or illness via a proactive approach with sensors, the Internet of Things, and electronic records thanks to cutting-edge cybersecurity and predictive medicine. The series includes exclusive interviews with Laura Young-Shehata, System Senior Vice President of Digital and Innovation at CommonSpirit Health, and Jill Lee, Vice President of Integration for the Healthcare and Life Sciences at NTT Data.

Take a look at the future of the Healthcare Industry with LIFE, an ambitious series from NTT DATA produced by Growthland.

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